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Tang Jingling Sex                               Male

 Birth date                1971-12-15

Birth place              Jiangling County, Hubei Province

Resident place         Shatai road, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

Education               Graduate from Shanghai Jiaotong University (1993)

Profession              Freelance writer, former lawyer (ICPC honorary member)

 Date of arrest         2011-02-22 (detained), 2011-03-01 (Residential Surveillance); 2014-05-19 (detained, 2nd), 2014-06-24 (arrested)

 Organ of arrest       Public Security Bureau of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province(1st & 2nd )

Cause of arrest     Internet writing and publishing dissident articles, and promoting Non-violent Civil Disobedience Movement

Charge                   Suspicion of inciting subversion of the State power; Suspicion of creating disturbances (detention, 2nd), inciting subversion of the State power (verdict)

Date of sentence     2015-06-19 (2nd, posponded after opening),2015-07-23-24 (hearing),2016-01-29 (verdict),2016-05-31 (appeal)

Organ of sentence  Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court, High People’s Court of Guangdong Province (appeal)

Sentence                     5 years imprisonment, 3 years deprivation of political rights

Defender                    Lawyer LIU Zhengqing (1st), LIU Xiaoyuan and Zhang Xuezhong  (2nd,dismissed), Ge Yongxi and Yan Xin

Place of jail              Dashi Training Center, Fanyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province; Detention Center of Baiyn District, Guangzhou City (detention, 2nd); No. 1 Detention Center of Guangzhou City (arrest), Huaiji Prison, Sihui City, Guangdong Province

Situation in jail       Tortured in jail; Tortured in jail, rejected to meet Lawyers many times (2nd )

Date of release        2011-08-02; 2019-05-15

Family contact        WANG Yanfang (wife), Tel:+86-20-31389455, +86-18929557870

Donation to            WANG Yanfang, China Constraction Bank, Account No. 4367423327600040542

 Case adopted by     ICPC

Current Status         Main Case




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