Where There Is Life, There Is Hope – Briefings on the Ninth Congress of ICPC and Its Administration Changes

Where There Is Life, There Is Hope

– Briefings on the Ninth Congress of ICPC and Its Administration Changes

From April 29 to May 13, 2020, the Independent Chinese PEN Center (ICPC) held online the ninth congress of its Membership Assembly. 82 of its 153 voting members signed up to attend the congress. The membership assembly held four plenary sessions, approved the work and financial reports submitted by the Board of Directors, and elected the new Board according to its Charter. Among 11 candidates, nine were elected as the directors. They are Mr. ZHAO Shiying, Mr. LI Hai, Mr. ZHAO Changqing, Ms. LI Jianhong, Mr. XU Yonghai. Ms. LIU Di, Mr. LIU Zhengqing, Mr. Song TAN and Mr. PEI Yiran. Mr. DU Daobin and Mr. SUN Honglu were elected as alternate directors. Eight of them are based in China mainland though the human rights situation there have been getting worse with 13 of their colleagues of ICPC members still imprisoned, including Mr. ZHANG Guiqi (aka LU Yang), the 12th candidate who have been detained for suspision of “inciting subversion” by the police in Shandong Province since May 1 before the ICPC election. Continue reading


PEN International was founded in London in 1921 to promote friendship and intellectual co-operation among writers everywhere, emphasize the role of literature in developing understanding, stand for freedom of expression and act as a powerful voice on behalf of writers harassed, silenced, imprisoned and sometimes killed for their views. Continue reading

256. Zhang Guiqi

Name                      Zhang Guiqi

Penname               Lu Yang

Sex                              Male

Birth date                1971-01-04

Birth place             Xin County, Shandong Province Continue reading

236. TASHI WANGCHUK (Released)

Sex                              Male

Birth date                1985-05-08

Birth place              Kyegudo County, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,  Qinghai Province Continue reading

146. DU BIN (released)

Pen name               

Sex                                Male

Birth date                 1972-03-01

Birth place               Yancheng City, Shandong Province

Resident place         Fengtai District, Beijing City Continue reading


Name                       Zhang Zhan

Sex                            Female

Birth date              1983-09-02

Birth place             Xianyang City, Shanxi Province

Resident place      Pudong New District, Shanghai City

Education              B.A in Finance at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Master of Law at Fudan University, Shanghai

Profession               Freelance, citizen journalist, and former lawyer (disbarred),  (honorary Member of ICPC)

Date of arrest          2020-05-14 (subpoena), 2020-05-15 (criminal detention), 2020-06-19 (arrest)

Organ of arrest      Pudong  Branch of Public Security Bureau of Shanghai  City

Cause of arrest       Online dissident posts, interviews and reports on the Wuhan epidemic and video releases on YouTube and other social media

Charge                       Picking quarrels and provoking trouble

Date of sentence     2020-12-28

Organ of sentence  Intermediate People’s Court of Shanghai City

Sentence                    Four years imprisonment

Defender                   Lawyers ZHANG Keke and REN Quanniu

Place of jail              Detention Center of  Pudong New District, Shanghai City

Situation in jail      Tortured, and so on hunger strike for several months

Date of release        2024-05-14 (?)

Family contact        SHAO Wenxia (mother)

Donation to

Case adopted by     ICPC

Current Status        Main case



Name                       GENG Xiaonan

Sex                            Female

Birth date              1974-04-16

Birth place             Luzhou City, Shichuan Province

Resident place      Beijing City

Education              B.A in directing at Central Academy of Drama, Beijing

Profession              Writer, editor, publisher, filmmaker, chairman of Legend Tianhui Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. (honorary Member of ICPC)

Date of arrest          2020-09-09 (criminal detention), 2020-10-14 (arrest)

Organ of arrest      Haidian Branch of Public Security Bureau of  Beijing  City

Cause of arrest      Appealing for the arrested dissidents; the police alleged that her company had been involved in printing and selling illegal publications in its business activities, and a large number of illegal publications were found in its warehouse.

Charge                       Suspicion of illegal business

Date of sentence     not yet

Organ of sentence  no

Sentence                    not yet

Defender                   Lawyer SHANG Baojun (dismissed)

Place of jail              Detention Center of  Haidian District, Beijing City

Situation in jail      OK

Date of release        no

Family contact       

Donation to

Case adopted by     ICPC

Current Status        Main case



Name                      Qimangul Awut (aka Chimengul Awut)

Penname               Chimenqush (flower bird)

Sex                              Female

Birth date                1973

Birth place             Kashgar, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Continue reading


Sex                              Male

Birth date                1969-01

Birth place              Atush, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Continue reading


张宝成Sex                              Male

Birth date                1959-06-19

Birth place

Resident place         Fengtai District, Beijing

Continue reading