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Pen name               

Sex                              Male

Birth date                1953-05-23

Birth place              Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province

Resident place         Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province

Education               University

Profession              Freelance writer

Date of arrest          2010-09-19 (residential surveillance) , 2011-01-17 (arrested)

Organ of arrest       Public Security Bureau of Beijing City

Cause of arrest       Internet writing and publishing dissent articles

Charge                         Inciting subversion of state power

Date of sentence     2011-05-13, 2011-05-30 (appeal)

Organ of sentence  Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court, Beijing High People’s Court (appeal)

Sentence                    8 years imprisonment and 1 year deprivation of political rights

Defender                    Lawyers  CHANG Weidong

Place of jail              Xi’an Prison, Shaanxi Province

Situation in jail      suffering from severe diabetes and that the prison hospital recommended that he be granted medical parole in 2016 to seek better treatment. Prison authorities reportedly rejected that recommendation on the grounds that Jin had not pleaded guilty to the charges. In September 2017, Jin reportedly experienced diabetic ketoacidosis – a potentially life-threatening complication caused by a shortage of insulin – and fell unconscious.

Date of release        2019-01-14

Family contact       ZHANG Wei (mother)

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Case adopted by     ICPC

Current Status        Main Case