171. YUAN CHAOYANG (Released)

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Yuan-ChaoyangPen name                  YUAN Xinting

Sex                                 Male

Birth date                  1971-05-06

Birth place                Suining County, Sichuan Province

Resident place         Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

Education                  University graduate

Profession                 Freelance writer and former editor of Press (ICPC honorary member)

Date of arrest          2014-05-16 (detained), 2014-06-20 (arrested)

Organ of arrest       Public Security Bureau of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

Cause of arrest         Promoting Non-violent Civil Disobedience Movement with Tang Jingling and Wang Qingying

Charge                          Suspicion of creating disturbances (detention), inciting subversion of the State power(arrest)

Date of sentence     2015-06-19 (2nd, posponded after opening),2015-07-23-24 (hearing),2016-01-29 (verdict),2016-05-31 (appeal)

Organ of sentence  Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court, High People’s Court of Guangdong Province

Sentence                     3.5 years imprisonment, 2 years deprivation of political rights

Defender                       Lawyer GE Wenxiu and Chang Boyang (dismissed),Hu Xinfan and Wen Donghai

Place of jail                Detention Center of Baiyn District, Guangzhou City (detention); No. 1 Detention Center of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province (arrest)

Situation in jail       tortured

Date of release         2017-11-15

Family contact        Huang Haili (girl friend)

Donation to           

 Case adopted by     ICPC

Current Status         Main Case

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