195. LIANG QINHUI (released)

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Liang QinhuiPen name                Jiandao (Dagger)
Sex                               Male

Birth date                1983-10-03

Birth place              Lanshan County, Hunan Province

Resident place       Haizhun District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

Education                 Middel school

Profession                 Deliveryman, internet writer (ICPC honorary member)

Date of arrest          2015-02-03 (somomed), 2015-02-04 (detained)

Organ of arrest       Haizhu District Branch of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau,  Guangdong Province

Cause of arrest        Online posts for “defamation of state leaders, and inciting subversion”

Charge                         Inciting subversion of state power

Date of sentence       2015-11-13 (hearing), 2016-04-08 (verdict)

Organ of sentence    Intermediate People’s Court of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

Sentence                        One year and half imprisonment, two years deprivation of political rights

Defender                      Lawyer WU Kuiming, Tel: +86-13006888128

Place of jail                 Detention Center of Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

Situation in jail        OK

Date of release          2016-08-03

Family contact           FU Yuqin (fiancee), Tel: +86-13570920192

Donation to

Case adopted by        ICPC

Current Status           released on 2016-08-03 due to expiry of sentence

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