211. WANG XIAOLU (released)

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Wang XiaoluSex                              Male

Birth date               198X

Birth place            

Resident place       Beijing


Profession                 reporter at Caijing Magazine (ICPC honorary member)

Date of arrest          2015-08-25 (subpoena), 2015-08-30(assigned residence residential surveillance),

Organ of arrest      Public Security Bureau of Shanghai City

Cause of arrest         reporting a story over stock market crash on Caijing Magazine

Charge                          Suspicion of fabricating and disseminating together with others the false information on the trading of securities and futures

Date of sentence     No

Organ of sentence  No

Sentence                     No

Defender                      Lawyer Xu Kai

Place of jail                 A hotel in Shanghai

Situation in jail        Unknown

Date of release        2016-02-XX (before Feb. 8)

Family contact       

Donation to

Case adopted by        ICPC

Current Status           investigation

appeared in late August on CCTV for confession