216. WANG MO

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王默在看守所Penname                     Kitchen Knife Wang Mo

Sex                                  Male

Birth date                   1972-12-15

Birth place                  Huai-an City, Jiangsu Province

Resident place          Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

Education                   Middel School

Profession                   Worker, blogger, HR activist (ICPC honorary member)

Date of arrest           2014-10-03 (detained), 2014-11-24 (arrested); 2019-05-14(2nd detention),2019-06-22 (arrest)

Organ of arrest        Yuexiu Branch of Public Security Bureau of Guangzhou City (detention), Public Security Bureau of Guangzhou City (arrest), Guangdong Province; Public Security Bureau of Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province

Cause of arrest         Publishing posts online, and holding up slogans on the streets  to show his solidarity with the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong, co-defendent of XIE Fengxia; participated in fundraising for Chen Jiahong, a HR lawyer in Guangxi Province (2nd)

Charge                          Inciting subversion of state power, suspicion of creating disturbances (detention); Supicion of Picking quarrels and provoking trouble (2nd)

Date of sentence       2015-11-19 (hearing), 2016-04-08 (verdict); not yet (2nd)

Organ of sentence    Intermediate People’s Court of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province; not yet (2nd)

Sentence                        Four years and half imprisonment, three year deprivation of political rights; not yet (2nd)

Defender                       Lawyer TAN Chenshou and CHEN Keyun

Place of jail                  Detention Center of Guangzhou City; Detention Center of Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province (2nd)

Situation in jail        OK; unknown (2nd)

Date of release          2019-04-02; not yet (2nd)

 Family contact         

 Donation to            

Case adopted by        ICPC

Current Status           Main Case

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