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张宝成Sex                              Male

Birth date                1959-06-19

Birth place

Resident place         Fengtai District, Beijing

Education               Colleage

Profession               freelance (ICPC member  since December 2015)

Date of arrest          2016-05-31 (detained), 2019-05-28 (2nd detention), 2019-07-04 (arrested)

Organ of arrest       Fengtai District Branch of Public Security Bureau of Beijing City

 Cause of arrest        Gathering for commemoration of June Fourth Event at his own private residence (in the same case of ZHAO Changqing and LIANG Taiping); online writings and postings (2nd)

Charge                          suspecion of ceating troubles (detentions); of provoking and promoting terrorism and extremism, and incitement to terrorist activities (arrest)

Date of sentence       not yet

Organ of sentence    not yet

Sentence                       not yet

Defender                      Lawyer HAI Ying; Lawyer LIANG Xiaojun (2nd), Tel: +86 135 0109 2285

Place of jail                Detention Center of Fengtai District, Beijing

Situation in jail        OK

Date of release          2016-07-07 (on bail), unknown (2nd)

Family contact         LIU Juefan (wife), Tel: +86 132 4192 1257

 Donation to            

Case adopted by     ICPC

Current Status         Main case

Released on bail on 2016-07-07 pending trail for a year, but arrested again in 2019/5 and indicted in 2020/1.