Ding Jiaxi: Autocracy Must Perish — A Statement on Court

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Counting from the 1911 Revolution (Hsinhai Revolution), more than 110 years have passed. After several generations of sacrifices, the Chinese people are still living in a state of political oppression, economic control, and ideological enslavement. The dictator and his privileged interest group have constantly made use of high-tech means to strengthen their autocratic rule. But the civilization is propelling the course of history with a powerful force; a battle between democracy and autocracy is unfolding; their lifelong autocracy and long-term delusion of one-party dictatorship are coming to an end, and China’s social transformation is approaching day by day.

It has always been our sincere wish to avoid social turmoil and people’s suffering during the transformation period, and we firmly believe that peace, rationality and non-violence are the most stable model for China’s transformation. Facing many doubts, encountering many difficulties, undergoing many setbacks, and personally being tortured will not change my steadfast philosophy.

All of the Chinese people caring about the future of their nation need to shoulder the historical responsibility of our generation, which is to eradicate autocracy and build a beautiful China. This requires us to overcome the fear in our hearts, speak loudly for justice, and resolutely oppose the dictator, resolutely oppose the privileged interest group, and reject their autocratic rule. As long as we work together, the light of freedom, of democracy, and of the rule of law, will surely illuminate the land of China!

The great changes in China are imminent. I can clearly feel it even though I am inside the high walls. The footsteps of civilization are like the thunder of Insects Awaken! I saw such a scene: the Chinese people would wake up from the extreme slavery, see through the various justices they have woven with moral lies, and recognize the truth. As long as the people no longer trust and obey their autocratic rule, the prerogatives of dictator and his privileged interest group will collapse.

I have always believed that they have worked very hard to reversely learn the historical experience of the progress of human civilization, blocking 1000 possibilities for the collapse of the autocratic regime, but the regime will still collapse in 1001 ways, which is the law of history.

Let’s start the countdown: five, four, three, two, one…

(Translated by Yu Zhang)

Source: Chinese text