No. 19 Liu Xia: The 2nd of June 1989 and Another

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The 2nd of June 1989

— To Xiaobo

This is not a good weather
I under the flourishing sun
Said to myself

Standing behind you
I patted your head
Where your hair was pricking my palm
Feeling bit strange.

I had no time to say you a word
While you became a media figure
Together with people looking up at you
I got very tired
And had to hide beyond the crowd
Smoking a cigarette
And watching the sky

Perhaps now a myth would be emerging
But the sun was too bright
For me to see it


Nothing to Say

The woman next door sat in the courtyard all day long
Looking at the scene before her eyes
Nobody knew why
Until evening or raining
Her daughter would help her get into her home
Sometimes the daughter was absent in mind or in body
And then the woman would stay in the yard whole night
Whatever was the weather

The people nearby said
The woman had loved a man
And given birth to his child
After the man had disappeared
She had become a madwoman

The war has been over
People have not seen for several days
The neighbour woman appearing in the yard
Her daughter has also been missing

In the dark
The neighbour woman has her hands for a long time
On her face
The daughter is lying in bed
And her eyelashes are closed

Eventually, in the house there is a fire
Ending it all
Which is the only way that she can tolerate

In the space over the ruins
The sunlight is very bright


(Translated by Yu Zhang)

Chinese Original