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Gui MinhaiPenname                Ah Hai

Sex                              Male

Birth date              1964-05-05

Birth place             Ning City, Zhejiang Province

Resident place       Berlin, Germany (Swedish citizen)

Education                B.A. in History at Peking University (1985), M.A. in Humanities (1990) and Ph.D in History (1996) at University of Gothenburg

Profession                 Writer, publisher and booseller; head of Mighty Current Media and Causeway Bay Bookstore, Hong Kong. (ICPC member)

Date of arrest          2015-10-17 (disappeared in Tailand), 2015-10-xx(imprisoned for a early sentence in China), 2016-02-xx (charged for an new offence); 2018-01-19 (arrest, 2nd)

Organ of arrest       Public Security Bureau of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province

Cause of arrest         Writing, editing, publishing and selling the political gossip books on China’s leaders, and so charged by the police for illegally selling some 4,000 coopies of them in China mainland via an online platform and evading customs inspections to 380 customers in 28 provinces since October 2014 (1 st); unknown (2nd)

Charge                          Suspicion of illegal business (1st); suspicion of illegally providing state secrets and intelligence overseas (2nd)

Date of sentence     Not yet

Organ of sentence  Not yet

Sentence                     Not yet


Place of jail                 Cixi Detention Center, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province

Situation in jail        OK

Date of release         2017-10-xx (1st);  not yet

Family contact       

Donation to             

Case adopted by        ICPC

Status                             Main case

All of his four Hong Kong based co-suspects were released on bail pending trial and returned to Hong Kong in March-June, 2016.