75. QI CHONGHUAI (Released)

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Qi ChonghuaiSex                               Male

Birth date                1965-02-07

Birth place              Shandong Province

Resident place         Ji’nan City, Shandong Province

Education               University graduate

Profession              Journalist and a correspondent of the Weekend Edition of the Legality Daily (Fazhi Ribao), formerly the Legality Morning Post (Fazhi Zaobao) (Honorary member of ICPC)

Date of arrest          2007-06-26 (detained), 2007-08-02 (arrested)

Organ of arrest       Public Security Bureau of Tengzhou City, Shandong Province

Cause of arrest       Publishing a number of reports on the corruption and injustice related to the local governments and officials, on the media in China and on overseas websites and being interviewed by the overseas media, such as Epoch Times and the Radio of Free Asia in USA; charged for addition trial after his having smuggled out a number of letters to describe the abuses and ill-treatments he experienced in graphic detail in 2009.

Charge                   Blackmailing (suspicion of economic crimes for being taken away on June 25, suspicion of bluffing and deceiving for detention on June 26), embezzlement and blackmail (additional trial)

Date of sentence     2008-05-13; 2008-07-24 (appeal); 2011-06-09 (additional trial)

Organ of sentence  People’s Court of Tengzhou City (twice); Intermediate People’s Court of Zaozhuang City,  Shandong Province (appeal)

Sentence                  12 Years imprisonment (4 years by the first trial)

Defender                 Lawyers LI Xiongbing and LI Chunfushigen: Lawyers WANG Quanzhang and LIU Xiaoyuan  (additional trial)

Place of jail             Tengzhou Prison, Tengzhou City, Shandong Province

Situation in jail        tortured and ill-treatments

Date of release        2019-02-13 (reduction of sentence)

Family contact        JIAO Xia (wife), Tel: 0086-13361078736, Address: Flat 402, Unit 3, Building 10, Yaotou Xiaoqu, Lixia District, 250000 Jinan City, Shandong Province

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Case adopted by     ICPC

Current Status        Released on 2019-02-13 due to sentence reduction







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