193. YU SHIWEN (released)

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Yu ShiwenPenname                      

Sex                                Male

Birth date                1967-10

Birth place               Zhengzhou City, Henan Province

Resident place         Zhengzhou City, Henan Province

Education                 Three-year study at Philosophy Department, Zhangshan University, Guangzhou (1989, dismissed and imprisoned for his organizing the student movement)

 Profession                Freelance (ICPC honorary member)

Date of arrest         2014-05-27 (detained), 2014-07-03 (arrested)

Organ of arrest     Erligang Branch of Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau, Henan Province

Cause of arrest        Sending VOA the a press  release with a statement and photos for his holding  a memorial service for HU Yaobang, ZHAO Ziyang and June Fourth Victims on the Yellow River Bank near Zhao’s hometown and being interviewed via telephone by VOA reporter. HU and ZHAO were General Secretaries of CPC in succession in 1980s and dismissed for their opposition to crack down the students movements.

Charge                          Suspicion of gathering a crowd to disturb order in a public place (detention), of creating disturbances (since arrest)

  Date of sentence      no

Organ of sentence   no

Sentence                       no

Defender                      Lawyers ZHANG Xuezhong and MA Lianshun, Tel. +86-13383866589

Place of jail                 No.3 Detention Center of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province

Situation in jail        Suffering from depression, congenital vascular stenosis, hypertension, and high blood sugar. Since detention, his conditions deteriorated. In July 2014, he got a sudden brain stroke, with lower extremity edema and difficulty urinating, and then was hospitalized. For being unable to bear the leg irons and handcuffs, he volunteered to give up treatment  and return to the detention center in mid-November. Since then, he has just relied on medicines to maintain his conditions but risked a stroke once more.

Date of release          2016-08-16 (on bail)

 Family contact         CHEN Wei (wife, co-defendent released on bail)

 Donation to            

Case adopted by        ICPC

Current Status           Released on bail on 2016-08-16

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