ICPC Statement on PEN International Day of Imprisoned Writers–Two Writers Honoured the Liu Xiaobo Courage to Write Award

The Independent Chinese PEN Center (ICPC) has honoured two imprisoned writers, HU Shigen and Mahvash SABET (f, Iran) the ICPC’s 2016 Liu Xiaobo Courage to Write Award for their courage and perseverance in writing and fighting for freedom of experission and other basic rights despite the long-term imprisonment. In addition, ICPC have named six writers as new honorary members, including ZHANG Haitao, Shokjang (Tibetan), LU Yuyu, HUANG Wenxun, LI Tingyu (f) and WANG Yuping. Continue reading

PEN International Letter to ICPC President Tienchi Martin-Liao


The 7th Congress of ICPC Membership Assembly Held on Internet

Press Release
9 Feburary 2016

ICPC-logoThe Independent Chinese PEN Center (ICPC) held its 7th Congress of Membership Assembly at a Google group forum on Internet on 22 Janurary – 09 Feburary 2016. Among ICPC’s 318 members, 162 participated in the Congress. According to the agenda adopted by the Congress, five sessions were held. The Congress adopted an amendment to ICPC’s Rules of Procedure of Membership Assembly, approved the work report and financial report submitted by the Board and elected the new Board in accordance with the ICPC’s Charter. Columnist Mrs. Tienchi Martin-Liao, a former president, has been re-elected the new President.
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Tsoi Wing-Mui: Causeway Bay Bookstore Incident and Hong Kong’s Press Freedom


Wing Mui TSOI speaking at PEN International 82nd Congress held in Ourense, Spain, on 28 September, 2016

There once was a famous saying in Hong Kong: A border separates Hong Kong from Mainland China. On both sides of this border are the same people with the same cultural tradition and they belong to same race. But there is a key difference: People on one side can criticize anyone but their government while people on the other side can criticize anyone but their wives. Continue reading

Interview: ‘They Humiliate You, And Treat You Like Animals, Worse Than a Dog’


Wang Qingying (R) is shown following his release from prison. Photo courtesy of Xi Sen

A rights activist, one of the Guangzhou Three, recently released from prison in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong, says he is having trouble returning to normal life, detailing ongoing restrictions on his movements and a lack of income. Wang Qingying, who was sentenced on Jan. 29, 2016 by the Intermediate People’s Court in Guangdong’s provincial capital Guangzhou alongside Tang Jingling and Yuan Xinting, spoke to RFA following his release at the end of his two-and-a-half year sentence, most of which was served in pretrial detention: Continue reading

Three Human Rights Defenders Held in Unknown Locations, ‘at Risk of Torture’


Detained Chinese rights lawyer Xie Yang, in undated photo. Photo courtesy of an RFA listener.

Concerns are mounting over the continued detention of three prominent Chinese rights defenders all detained or “disappeared” last month, rights group said. Continue reading


13.   HUANG Qi

Pen name                Nanbo

Sex                          Male

Birth date                1963-04-07

Birth place              Neijiang City, Sichuan Province Continue reading

160. GAO YU

Gao YuPen name                 Xiao Xiao, Lu Yue, Fu Qing etc.

Sex                               Female

Birth date                1944-02-23

Birth place               Chongqing City

Resident place         Haidian District, Beijing City Continue reading

Journalist still under house arrest, cannot receive treatment abroad

gao-yu1A Beijing court has told journalist Gao Yu that she can continue serving her five-year jail term under a form of house arrest for another year from 26 November but has warned her that she could be sent her back to prison “at any time.”

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Editor of human rights news website detained in China

liu-feiyueNew York, November 28, 2016 – Chinese authorities should immediately release Liu Feiyue, the editor and founder of the human rights news website Civil Rights & Livelihood Watch, known in China as Minsheng Guancha, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. Liu’s arrest occurred amid increasing efforts by China to silence journalists and bloggers who cover protests and human rights abuses. Continue reading


liu-feiyueSex                              Male

Birth date              1970-02-05

Birth place             Sui County, Hubei Province

Resident place       Suizhou City, Hubei Province

Education                Colleage

Profession                 Former teacher, founder and chief editor of Minsheng Guancha (Civil Rights and Livelihood Watch) website (ICPC memmber) Continue reading