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With a Constant Stream of Media Directives, China’s Leaders Micromanage the News

May 30, 2014

written by
Sarah CookSenior Research Analyst for East Asia
written by
Natalie SykesResearcher, Freedom of the Press


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Tiananmen Square Eyewitnesses Open Up to VOA Ahead of 25th Anniversary


Zhaohui Rui (left) and Huaguang Zhao join VOA Mandarin reporter Xin Chen on the set of “Pro and Con” on May 30, 2014.
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The Tiananmen Square Museum That’s Shocking China’s Tourists


Twenty-five years after the massacre, the Chinese government wants people to forget it ever happened. But one little museum keeps the truth alive. Continue reading

The future of journalism: Five ways the news is changing

By Vicky Baker / 21 May, 2014

Rafal Rohozinski, co-founder of cyber-research thinktank SecDev Group (Photo: Frontline Club)
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‘Staying’—An Excerpt from ‘People’s Republic of Amnesia’

Tiananmen Revisited
LOUISA LIM05.28.14
Zhang Ming has become used to his appearance startling small children. Skeletally thin, with cheeks sunk deep into his face, he walked gingerly across the cream-colored hotel lobby as if his limbs were made of glass. Continue reading

Church-State Clash in China Coalesces Around a Toppled Spire

Video | China Chafes at Christianity’s Growth As Christianity continues its rapid rise in China, some believers feel discriminated against by public policies and say that the government favors traditional Chinese religions.

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— May. 30, 2014 3:26 AM EDT

Tiananmen leader denied in bid to return to China
China: US must be objective about Asia tensions

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Tienchi Martin-Liao:Break the Besieged Fortress

by Tienchi Martin-Liao / February 26, 2014
China for activists: Once you’re in, you can’t get out, and once you’re out you can’t get in

Li Jianhong and Duoduo

Ms. Li Jianhong is pictured here with the Chinese poet Duoduo at the PEN-conference in Krakau, Polen in May 2013. Photo courtesy of Li Jianhong.
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