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Plainclothes Police Destroy Gao Yu’s Garden and Beat Up Her Son

Gao Yu

Gao Yu talks to reporters in her Beijing home after plainclothes police ransacked her garden and beat her son, March 31, 2016.

Plainclothes police raided the Beijing home of veteran Chinese journalist Gao Yu on Thursday, sending the 72-year-old heart patient to the hospital while roughing up and detaining her son and destroying her garden in what supporters said was a bid to intimidate her. Continue reading

About ICPC

Independent Chinese PEN Center (ICPC) is a nongovernmental, nonprofit and nonpartisan organization beyond borders based on free association of those who write, edit, translate, research and publish literature work in Chinese and dedicated to freedom of expression for the workers in Chinese language and literature, including writers, journalists, translators, scholars and publishers over the world. ICPC is a member organization of International PEN, the global association of writers dedicated to freedom of expression and the defence of writers suffering governmental repression. Through the worldwide PEN network and its own membership base in China and abroad, ICPC is able to mobilize international attention to the plight of writers and editors within China attempting to write and publish with a spirit of independence and integrity, regardless of their political views, ideological standpoint or religious beliefs. Continue reading

ICPC Board of Directors (2016-2018)

President Tienchi Martin-Liao, columnist, editor and translator (Germany)

Vice-president/FW&LEC Director QI Jiazhen, novelist and essayist (Melbourne)

Vice-president LI Haiessayist (Beijing)

Director/Secretary-general Zhao Shiying, essayist and editor (Shengzhen)

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ICPC Secretariat

Secretary-general ZHAO Shiying, essayist (Guangdong)

Deputy Secretary-general WANG Jinbo, essayist (Beijing)

Deputy Secretary-general Yu ZHANG, PhD. in Chemistry, essayist, editor and translator, also as P&TC coordinator (Stockholm)

Executive Secretary CHEN Biao, essayist, editor and translator (Melbourne)

Financial Secretary & Accountant XIAO Guozhen, lawyer, scholar and essayist (Maryland)

Cashier SI Pengcheng (Simon Si), lawyer and editor (Virginia)

Treasurer in China LI Jinfang, essayist and accountant (Hebei)

Treasurer in Hong Kong LIN Wenxiu, essayist (Hong Kong)

Secretary in Hong Kong CHEN Yuhsin, journalist (Hong Kong)

Legal Consultant LI Jinjin, PhD in law, lawyer and essayist (New York)

China Denies Gao Yu Permission to Leave For Germany

Gao Yu-Hong Kong

Demonstrators hold placards showing portraits of Chinese journalist Gao Yu during a protest in support of her outside the China liaison office in Hong Kong, April 17, 2015.

Authorities in the Chinese capital have effectively denied permission to veteran journalist Gao Yu to go to Germany for medical treatment, even though she is being allowed to serve her sentence outside of jail. Continue reading

174 Writers in Prison in China

Writers in Prison Committee

Independent Chinese PEN Center

August 2014

Writers and Journalists in Prison in China (recorded since 2004)

No.Name of WiP Sentence in Jail Remarks

1 KONG Youping 10 Years (15 y) 10 y Released

2 HUANG Jinqiu 8 y 1 m (12 y) 8 y 1 m Reduced

3 DU Daobin 3 Years 3 y + 1 m Released on bail

4 OUYANG Yi 2 Years 2 y Released Continue reading