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174 Writers in Prison in China

Writers in Prison Committee

Independent Chinese PEN Center

August 2014

Writers and Journalists in Prison in China (recorded since 2004)

No.Name of WiP Sentence in Jail Remarks

1 KONG Youping 10 Years (15 y) 10 y Released

2 HUANG Jinqiu 8 y 1 m (12 y) 8 y 1 m Reduced

3 DU Daobin 3 Years 3 y + 1 m Released on bail

4 OUYANG Yi 2 Years 2 y Released Continue reading

Tibet: Two Tibetan Writers Released From Prison


Two Tibetan writers, Jangtse Donkho (pen name: Nyen/”The Wrathful”) and Buddha, who were accused of publishing reactionary and separatist writings on the experience of being Tibetan under Chinese rule, were released on 20 June 2014 Continue reading

Keeping Score at the World Cup: Mexico

TWEET! #KeepingScore #Mexico must bring perpetrators of all attacks and murders of journalists and writers to justice @EPN

All statistics and cases used for the Keeping Score campaign have been selected from the Case List.

PEN_BWC_Mexico 2 Continue reading