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Petition for Medical Parole Based on He De Pu’s Health Condition


To the Leadership at the Beijing Prison Administrative Bureau and Beijing Prison No. 2:

My husband, He De Pu, is serving his sentence at Beijing Prison No. 2, Group No. 17.

Since his arrest in 2002, He De Pu has suffered inhumane treatment, causing his weight to drop from 78 kg to 60 kg. And more seriously, his left ear lost most of its hearing capacity. For the past three years, he has also suffered from high blood pressure, and his overall health has been very poor. Although some of the internet articles once mentioned that He De Pu was tortured in Beijing Prison No.2, we have publicly clarified that this torture happened in several “surveillance houses”, not in Beijing Prison No. 2.

We are his family members. Thus, we are extremely concerned about his health. I am especially worried that due to the inadequate medical care that my husband receives in jail, he might miss the crucial period for early treatment for his hearing problem, so that his left ear could lose hearing completely and permanently. Moreover, his high blood pressure could lead to more serious health problems if it is not treated effectively.

Therefore, I, He De Pu’s wife, earnestly wish to request a medical parole for my husband.

As is well-known, under the leadership of the Beijing Prison Administrative Bureau, Beijing Prison No. 2 has been trying to implement policies based on “the principle of humanity”. In particular, we have learned of this desire to show progress from the United Nations’ human rights reports. With the permission of the Ministry of Justice, the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Mr. Nowak, came to Beijing Prison No. 2 and talked with He De Pu for an extended period of time. Afterwards, Mr. Nowak said in public: “I was deeply touched by the conversation I had with the Chinese dissident He De Pu.”

We, He De Pu’s family members, also know that the Beijing Prison Administrative Bureau and Beijing Prison No. 2 provided much assistance and cooperation in facilitating the visit of the UN Special Rapporteur. This moved us very much. The international community has also applauded and praised your cooperation.

Since the Peoples Republic of China signed the United Nations International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, authorities at all levels have been trying to improve human rights condition in our country, and some progress has been made. I believe that granting He De Pu medical parole is another step toward this direction and will also win international commendation.

Once again, I respectfully plead with the leaders at Beijing Prison Administrative Bureau and Beijing Prison No. 2 to please grant medical parole for He De Pu.

I look forward to your approval.

Jia Jian Ying

Wife of He De Pu