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Zhou Xin:Is China an Empire? – Han Shih Toh’s take on China’s growing presence on the world stage

It’s an intriguing proposition, but Toh’s book lacks a systematic approach and struggles to provide a convincing answer

Is China an Empire?

by Han Shih Toh

World Scientific

3 stars

The rise of China as an economic powerhouse, and increasingly a political and military one, is one of the most important global developments in the past three decades. The way that China, a vast country ruled by a communist party, grows and deals with other countries is set to affect everyone on this planet. Continue reading

Alibaba, SCMP Deal Sparks Concern Over Chinese Takeover of Hong Kong Media


fb5e6b49-0a48-47e3-88ad-4ed9f5eca94aCopies of the South China Morning Post, believed to be a target for a takeover by Chinese Internet tycoon Jack Ma of Alibaba, are displayed for sale at a newsstand in Hong Kong, on Nov. 28, 2015.

Chinese internet company Alibaba is reportedly in discussions to buy a controlling stake in Hong Kong’s largest English-language newspaper, the South China Morning Post (SCMP), according to a number of recent media reports.

Sources have told Reuters and the Wall Street Journal that a potential deal is in the offing between the paper’s current owner, Malaysian tycoon Robert Kuok and the Chinese e-commerce giant, while Quartz reported on Thursday that a merger agreement will be signed before Christmas.

If confirmed, the deal will mark a further foray by mainland Chinese investors into the Hong Kong media and publishing sector, sparking further fears that Beijing is seeking yet Continue reading