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China Set to Prosecute Top Rights Lawyer, Three Activists for Subversion

Activists in Hong Kong demonstrate for the release of rights lawyers detained on the Chinese mainland

Activists in Hong Kong demonstrate for the release of rights lawyers detained on the Chinese mainland, Aug. 25, 2015. RFA

Authorities in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin will prosecute the head of a top Beijing law firm and three legal activists on charges of “subverting state power,” the state prosecutor in Tianjin said on an official blog on Friday. Continue reading

One Year After Crackdown, China’s Lawyers Face ‘Complete Powerlessness’

Wang Yu2

Chinese human rights lawyer Wang Yu poses during an interview in Hong Kong, March 20, 2014. AFP

One year after Beijing police raided the homes of prominent human rights attorneys with the Fengrui law firm, China’s legal profession is still reeling from the shock of what was to be a coordinated and nationwide campaign to silence them. Continue reading

213. ZHAO WEI (released)

Zhao WeiPen name               Koala

Sex                              Female

Birth date               1991-10-20

Birth place            Henan Province

Resident place       Beijing

Education                B.A. in journalism at Jiangxi Normal University  Continue reading

Detained Chinese Lawyer Wins Award Amid Calls For Pressure on Human Rights

Wang Yu

Chinese human rights lawyer Wang Yu poses during an interview in Hong Kong, March 20, 2014. AFP

As U.S. and Chinese officials met in Beijing to discuss human rights amid calls for greater pressure on the ruling Chinese Communist Party, detained lawyer Wang Yu was awarded a European prize for her work defending the rights of her clients. Continue reading

China: Subversion Charges Target Lawyers

Arrests Reflect Xi Jinping’s Broader Repression of Rights Activism

(New York) – The Chinese authorities’ formal arrest of at least 11 human rights lawyers, legal assistants, and activists on political subversion charges is an unprecedented and grave escalation of attacks on rights defenders in China, Human Rights Watch said today. Authorities should immediately drop the charges and release the 11, as well as other lawyers and human rights advocates in custody for political reasons. Continue reading

China charges human rights lawyers with ‘subversion’

Zhou Shifeng

Zhou Shifeng is one of several Chinese lawyers who disappeared last year

China has formally arrested and charged at least seven human rights lawyers and associates with “subversion”, friends and relatives say. Continue reading

Grassroots Activist Wang Mo Tells Court: I Committed No Crime Trying to Subvert the Communist Regime

By Wang Mo, published: November 22, 2015

On October 3, 2014, Chinese activists Xie Wenfei (谢文飞, a.k.a. Xie Fengxia 谢丰厦), and Wang Mo (王默, real name Zhang Shengyu 张圣雨) held banners in the streets of Guangzhou, expressing support for the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. They were arrested the same evening and indicted on May 12, 2015, for “inciting subversion of state power.” On Nov. 19, Wang Mo was tried in a Guangzhou court (Zhang had been tried separately a week earlier.) Verdicts in both trials are pending. Following is an abbreviated translation of Wang Mo’s defense. The translation remains unauthorized because permission could not be secured from the writer. – The Editors

Decades ago Chinese Communist Party, crying slogans about opposing corruption, opposing dictatorship, and pursuing liberty and democracy, subverted the Nationalist regime of the Republic of China and drove the Nationalist government to Taiwan. The Republic of China was then Continue reading

Activists Shout For a ‘Democratic China’ in Guangzhou Subversion Trial


image (52)Chinese activists Xiewen Fei (L) and Wang Mo (R) are pictured in an undated photo.
(Photo courtesy of activists)

Two Chinese activists who publicly supported last year’s pro-democracy Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong stood trial for subversion at a court in the southern province of Guangdong on Thursday, their lawyers said.

Xie Wenfei and Wang Mo appeared at the Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court on Thursday charged with “incitement to subvert state power” in a trial Continue reading