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China harassing and imprisoning Chinese working for foreign news outlets

2015-01-04T092956Z_01_PEK01_RTRIDSP_3_CHINA-STAMPEDEPolicemen stand in formation as they guard on the bund where people were killed in a stampede incident during a new year’s celebration, in Shanghai, on Jan. 3. Chinese state media and the public criticised the government and police on Friday for failing to prevent the stampede in Shanghai that killed

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Chang Ping:Zhang Miao Receives “Treatment Reserved for Chinese Citizens”

Published: January 18, 2015

zhang-miaoZhang Miao

Three months after friend and assistant Zhang Miao (張淼) was arrested, Continue reading

Chinese News Assistants React to Colleague’s Arrest

January 16, 2015 10:55 PM

Posted By: Samuel Wade

Asia Society’s Eric Fish talks to five current and former news assistants for foreign media in China about the recently reported detention of their counterpart at Die Zeit, Zhang Miao. Continue reading

180. ZHANG MIAO (released)

Zhang MiaoPenname                      

Sex                               Female

Birth date                1974-05-01

Birth place               Beijing

Resident place         Songzhuang , Tongzhou District, Beijing Continue reading