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223. LU YUYU

Lu yuyuSex                              Male

Birth date                1977-06-14

Birth place             Fengxia Town, Zunyi County, Yunyi City, Guizhou Provine Continue reading


Name                    Hailaiti NIYAZI (aka Hairat or Gheyret Niyaz)

Pen name            Hailaite

Sex                              Male

Birth date                1959-06-14

Birth place              Emin (Dörbiljin) County, Tacheng Prefecture, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

Resident place         Tianshan District, Urumchi City, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Continue reading

Ernie Lowe: Free flying now

Down, down,
      down poison oak slopes
                down to a wooded canyon,
        down to recollect the whole
   in a ferny grove of redwoods,
          settling at last in a ring of trees
      where once one giant stood.

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for the martyrs of Tiananmen Square

The first generals ordered
to clear the square
refused and said,

“The people’s army
should not be used
against the people.”

Oh, the old chain-smokers
had other cards to play,
and it ended the way it seemed
that those things always would,
when men and women dreamed
too soon, too well—
crunch of truncheons, smell of b1ood,
the bucket in the corner of the cell;
Masada and Spartacus,
Boston Massacre, Harper’s Ferry,
Warsaw ghetto,
Hungary, Prague,
Kent State, Soweto.
Some would add Calvary. Continue reading

Lesley Duncan: CHINAMAN (GLASGOW, 1989)

I saw him near George, not Tiananmen, Square,

A Chinese student, taller than the norm,

Open-shirted like a fifties Socialist, Swinging a plastic poke from M and S,

And chewing on his lip. Continue reading

James Fenton: Tiananmen

Is broad and clean
And you can’t tell
Where the dead have been
And you can’t tell
What happened then
And you can’t speak
Of Tianamen.

You must not speak.
You must not think.
You must not dip
Your brush in ink.
You must not say
What happened then,
What happened there.
What happened there
In Tiananmen. Continue reading