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China’s Brave Underground Journal—II

Ian Johnson DECEMBER 18, 2014 ISSUE

Remembrance an online journal published in Tiantongyuan, China

Li Zhensheng/Contact Press Images

Ouyang Xiang, son of a denounced former Party secretary in Heilongjiang province, being persecuted during the Cultural Revolution for sending an unsigned letter to the local revolutionary committee in his father’s defense, Harbin, November 1968. The sign around his neck bears his name Continue reading

China’s Brave Underground Journal

Ian Johnson DECEMBER 4, 2014 ISSUE

Remembrance an unofficial journal published in Tiantongyuan, China

Young pioneers on the eve of the Cultural Revolution, 1965; photographs by Marc Riboud, whose exhibition ‘Witness at a Crossroads: Photographer Marc Riboud in Asia’ is at the Rubin Museum of Art, New York City, until March 23, 2015

On the last stretch of flatlands north of Beijing, just before the Mongolian foothills, lies the satellite city of Tiantongyuan. Built during the euphoric run-up Continue reading