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Mo Zhixu: Fear of Losing Control: Why China Is Implementing an Internet Security Law

Published: October 4, 2015

“[T]he existence of a relatively free, relaxed, and anonymous Internet for the regime is ‘the root of all evil.’”

August 5 was the last day that opinions were solicited by the government for its new Internet Security Law, meaning that in the near future the legislation will be formally unveiled. In draft form, many of its clauses have already attracted scrutiny: for example, Continue reading

Mo Zhixu: The Chinese Internet is Entering into a Period of Increasing Government Control


Recently, the National Office of Online Information promulgated ten regulations concerning WeChat (“WeChat 10 Regulations”). There have already been many discussions about it. Among them, Continue reading

Mo Zhixu:The Advent of a National LAN in China

By Mo Zhixu, published: July 3, 2014

China has severed Google services for several weeks now and there are no signs of service returning. Blocking Google has inconvenienced many people, among them Gmail users, teachers and students who use Google for academic research, and more. To this day, China has completely blocked the world’s four most visited websites: Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Continue reading