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709 Lawyer Released on Bail in Psychological Distress

HRIC received the following account of the “release on bail” of lawyer Li Chunfu (李春富), who was detained in the 709 crackdown in 2015. The account describes Li in a state of apparent psychological damage. It was written by Wang Qiaoling (王峭岭), wife of Li’s brother, lawyer Li Heping (李和平), and by Li Wenzu (李文足), wife of lawyer Wang Quanzhang (王全璋). Li Heping and Wang Quanzhang are two other rights defense lawyers who were detained in the 709 crackdown, and who have been in custody since July 2015 on charges of “subversion of state power.”

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An Update on Lawyer Li Chunfu’s Condition

Latest on January 14: Li Chunfu has been diagnosed today as having symptoms of schizophrenia and hospitalized. We learned from relatives that he was subjected to severe torture during his six months of “residential surveillance at a designated place,” China’s term for secret detention. More details to come. Once again, we urge the international human rights community to immediately begin an investigation into the extreme abuse that Li Chunfu, Li Heping, Wang Quanzhang, Wu Gan, Jiang Tianyong, and others targeted in the 709 arrests have suffered. – The Editors

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Wife of Detained Lawyer Accuses Beijing Police of Harassment

A delivery cart and cyclist ride past a building housing the Fengrui law firm in Beijing

A delivery cart and cyclist ride past a building housing the Fengrui law firm in Beijing. Several lawyers from the firm have been targeted by authorities.

The wife of a detained human rights lawyer in China has accused Beijing police of harassing her landlord and forcing him not to renew her lease. Continue reading

Tom Phillips : Wife of Chinese human rights lawyer missing for six months tells of despair

Li Heping was taken from his home in July and has not been seen since along with dozens of other attorneys amid a crackdown on dissidents
Li Heping

Li Heping, a well-known human rights lawyers, has been missing in China since 10 July 2015. ‘I never thought this country could be so corrupt,’ his wife said. Photograph: Supplied

Six months after her husband was spirited into secret detention by security forces, the wife of one of China’s top civil rights lawyers has spoken of her grief and despair. Continue reading