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China Bans User-Made, ‘Unlicensed’ Video, Audio From Social Media


China’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television holds political study meeting, Nov. 21, 2016. Public Domain.

China’s powerful media regulator has banned social media platforms like WeChat, and the Twitter-like Weibo services run by Sina and Tencent, from disseminating user-generated audio and video, in a move that appears to be aimed at stifling citizen reporting in a country where all news is controlled by the ruling Chinese Communist Party. Continue reading

China Takes a Shot at ‘Cannon Ren’ Over Anti-Propaganda Tweets

Ren Zhiqiang

Chinese property tycoon and celebrity tweeter Ren Zhiqiang, a critic of President Xi Jinping’s campaign to tighten control over state-run media, delivers a speech to university students in Wuhan, central China’s Hubei province, Dec. 17, 2015.

The ruling Chinese Communist Party on Monday announced disciplinary action against freewheeling “big V” tweeter and property tycoon Ren Zhiqiang, for his attacks on online party propaganda. Continue reading

Law Scholar Calls for Youth League Transparency

In recent weeks, a number of individuals have forcefully spoken out against the tightening climate for journalists, activists, lawyers, and others whose work may challenge authorities. Prominent journalists and bloggers have criticized increasing controls over the media and political demands for ideological conformity. An open letter, signed only by “loyal Communist Party members,” called on Xi to step down and threatened his physical safety, and has unleashed an official investigation that has led to the detention of family members of dissidents and writers. These increasingly audacious public challenges to Xi Jinping’s governing style have raised questions over the stability of the current government and Xi’s ability to effectively rule China. Continue reading

A Chronology of Actor Sun Haiying’s Ban From China’s Social Media


Actor Sun Haiying’s Weibo shortly before it was shuttered.

December 14, 2014,  Red Flag Manuscript published an article by Li Yanyan (李艳艳 – whom it identified as “with the Humanities division of Beijing Union University” – 北京联合大学) entitled “Some Tendencies That Must Be Addressed In Order to Safeguard Weibo’s Ideological Security” ( 维护微博意识形态安全必须纠正的几种倾向). Some excerpts: Continue reading

China internet: Ren Zhiqiang’s account blocked after Xi criticism

Ren Zhiqiang3

Ren Zhiqiang has more than 30m followers

China has shut down the microblogging accounts of outspoken former property tycoon Ren Zhiqiang after he criticised President Ren Zhiqiang. Continue reading

Ren Zhiqiang says media should work for the people not Party, gets accused of trying to topple CCP

Ren ZhiqiangNever known to hold back his words online, outspoken former tycoon and Weibo celebrity Ren Zhiqiang has once again become the target of state media editorials, following his criticism of President Xi Jinping’s much-publicized media inspection tour on Friday. Continue reading

Pu Zhiqiang’s Indictment and the Seven Incriminating Weibo Posts

Number Two Branch of Beijing People’s Procuratorate Bill of Indictment

BJ 2d Br Proc Crim Indict (2015) No. 48

Bill of Indictment-PZQ1Defendant Pu Zhiqiang, male, born January 17, 1965, identification number [redacted], Han ethnicity, from Hebei Province, master’s degree education, is a lawyer at the Beijing Huayi Law Firm and resides at [redacted] in Beijing. Placed under criminal detention by the Haidian Precinct of the Beijing Public Security Bureau on May 6, 2014, under suspicion of provoking a serious disturbance. With the approval of this procuratorate, arrested by the Beijing Public Security Bureau on June 13, 2014, under suspicion of illegally obtaining citizens’ personal information and provoking a serious disturbance. Continue reading

HSBC story deleted from Weibo

The following post from user “LifeTime” was deleted from Weibo sometime before 8:31AM today, February 10, 2015, less than 12 hours after it was posted. Continue reading