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China pro-democracy activist Xu Youyu awarded Swedish rights prize

Last Updated: Tuesday, December 16, 2014 – 17:53

Stockholm: Chinese pro-democracy activist Xu Youyu, who was among key signatories of a 2008 manifesto seeking sweeping political reforms in China, was awarded Sweden`s Olof Palme human rights prize on Tuesday. Continue reading

157. XU YOUYU (released)

Pen name              

Sex                              Male

Birth date                1947

Birth place              Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

Resident place         Beijing City Continue reading

Teng Biao:Beyond Stability Maintenance – From Surveillance to Elimination

By Teng Biao, published: June 22, 2014


June 4th has passed, but the arrests continue, and every day brings bad news from China. While scholar Xu Youyu, artist Chen Guang and others have been released “on probation,” Continue reading

China Releases Three Activists After Tiananmen Anniversary


Pu Zhiqiang (front right) attends a seminar about the Tiananmen crackdown in Beijing, May 3, 2014.
Photo courtesy of CHRD

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Restrictions, Detentions, and Disappearances before June 4, 2014

Compiled by HRIC based on published reports and information available online. Last updated on May 22, 2014.


May 20
Taken into temporary custody—Zan Aizong (昝爱宗), writer, Hangzhou, on suspicion of “picking quarrels and provoking trouble” (寻衅滋事). Released after a half-day in detention. Continue reading

Individuals Affected by Government Crackdown Around 25th Anniversary of Tiananmen Massacre

May 29, 2014 • 10:20 pm
Updated 29 May 2014

Two months before the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre, authorities in China began detaining, disappearing, questioning, and intimidating Chinese dissidents, human rights lawyers and activists, journalists, and others. Many of the targeted individuals took part in the pro-democracy demonstrations in the spring of 1989. Continue reading

Xu Youyu: Intellectual Discourses in Post-Mao China and Today

published: May 24, 2014

Dear Editor,

In late 2012, on behalf of the Louis Green Lecture committee of Monash University, I invited Professor Xu Youyu, who I had never met before, to fly to Australia to deliver a public lecture. My recommendation of Prof Xu to the Committee was simply out of profound admiration for Continue reading

Here’s who China has detained so far ahead of the 25th anniversary of Tiananmen Square

By Heather Timmons @HeathaT May 12, 2014


bn-cr095_tam_g_201405060844551Nearly half these people are in custody</strong>. Back, L to R: Hao Jian, Cui Weiping, Liu Di, Liang Xiaoyan, Hu Shigen, Li Xuewen, and Guo Yuhua. Front: Zhou Fan, Xu Youyu, Zhang Xianling, Qin Hui, Ye Fu, and Pu Zhiqiang.ChinaChange.org
This article was last updated on May 14 at 1:00 PM in Hong Kong.

Ahead of the 25th anniversary of the Chinese government’s deadly June 4, 1989 crackdown on student protests in Tiananmen Square, Beijing is casting a wide net to round up would-be agitators.

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