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The Four Books review – Yan Lianke holds China to account for Maoist atrocities


Four fictional texts are bravely interwoven to tell the tale of the Great Leap Forward in this banned novel


June 1966: Chinese Red Guards and students wave copies of Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book in Beijing, at the beginning of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. Photograph: Jean Vincent/AFP/Getty Images
Isabel Hilton

Sunday 29 March 2015 02.00 EDT

The remarkable Chinese novelist Yan Lianke has explained what he calls “amnesia with Chinese characteristics” as a state-administered loss of memory that the regime Continue reading

Tienchi Martin-Liao: Yan Lianke: A Master of Sarcasm

September 3, 2013
An award-winning Chinese writer provokes and exposes the CCP, despite official bans and censorship.


Yan Lianke

Chinese author Yan Lianke. Photo: friends.sfpl via Flickr.

This year the Chinese writer Yan Lianke has been longlisted for the Man Booker International Prize. Continue reading