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Facebook Scores Rare Legal Win in China


The Facebook logo is seen enlarged through glasses on a computer screen.

Facebook has won a rare trademark lawsuit in China over the use of a version of its name by a Chinese beverage maker. Continue reading

Great Firewall rising: How China wages its war on the Internet


By James Griffiths, CNN

Updated 0129 GMT (0929 HKT) October 26, 2015

It was a visit he had been dreading for almost six months, since he began working on a tool to help Chinese Internet users get around the vast censorship apparatus known as the Great Firewall.

Crowded inside his apartment in a northern Chinese city, Continue reading

Partnership Boosts Users Over China’s Great Firewall


14CLOUDFLARE-master675By PAUL MOZURSEPT. 13, 2015

Joshua Motta, left, Carmen Chang and Matthew Prince in the San Francisco offices of the security start-up CloudFlare. Credit Jason Henry for The New York Times

HONG KONG — It is one of the best-guarded borders in the world, and one of the most time-consuming to cross. Yet in the past few months, a new agreement has let people speed over it billions of times.

The border is the digital one that divides Continue reading

MURONG XUECUN: Scaling China’s Great Firewall

By MURONG XUECUN August 21, 2015

In the fall of 2011, a friend and I got on to discussing Tibet. “Do you know,” he said, “that Tibetans are setting fire to themselves?”

I had spent from 2005 to 2008 in Lhasa, the Tibetan capital, but I had never heard of acts of self-immolation. My friend filled me in on the ghastly details, Continue reading