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China Releases Scholar Who Helped Activist Gain Asylum in U.S.

16China-web-master180By ANDREW JACOBS SEPT. 15, 2015

BEIJING — The Chinese authorities on Tuesday released a founder of a research institute who was instrumental in helping the legal activist Chen Guangcheng gain asylum in the United States after he escaped house arrest three years ago.

The founder, Guo Yushan, a scholar who led the Transition Institute, was released from custody along with He Zhengjun, the administrative director of the now-closed institute, Continue reading

177. GUO YUSHAN (released)

Guo YushanPen name              

Sex                               Male

Birth date                1977-08-02

Birth place               Xianyou County, Fujian Province

Resident place        Haidian District, Beijing Continue reading

For Whom the Bell Tolls: One Chinese NGO’s Alleged Crime of “Illegal Business Operation”

By Wan Yanhai, published: May 13, 2015


In March 2007, Guo Yushan (郭玉闪)and others co-founded Transition Social and Economic Consulting Limited, otherwise known as Beijing Transition Institute. In July 2013, Continue reading

China’s Independent NGOs Face Hard Times

A translation of a VOA report in Chinese, published: March 11, 2015

Professor Xia Min of CUNY: “Xi’s fear is exactly that the maturing of civil society will organically provide, with the organizing capacity and solidarity within Chinese society, a platform for the building of political parties.”

A documentary produced by the well-known investigative journalist Chai Jing, Continue reading

Xiao Shu:In China, to Destroy Lives Is Legal, but to Save Them Is Not

e983ade78e89e997aa2Published: January 11, 2015


I no longer have the desire to argue about the treatment of Guo Yushan and his colleagues from a legal perspective. We know that “illegal business practices” was the charge for which Guo was formally arrested on December 6th, Continue reading

A letter to my husband Guo Yushan: II


Twenty days after the first letter to her husband, detained legal activist and scholar, Guo Yushan, Pan Haixia posted another exquisitely written follow-up letter to him online. Continue reading

Friends Gone to Jail – Chinese Activists Kou Yanding and Guo Yushan

By Zeng Jinyan, published: October 30, 2014

“Watching his friends, who happen to be the hope of a better China, going to prison one after another, is more than personal shame. It is the shame of our time.”

Kou Yanding was taken away by police in Beijing on October 10th for “picking quarrels and provoking disturbances.” The day before on October 9th, Guo Yushan was criminally detained on the same charge. Continue reading

China detains scholar, bans books in crackdown on moderate voices


BEIJING Mon Oct 13, 2014 5:36am EDT

Oct 13 (Reuters) – China has detained a prominent scholar who helped blind dissident Chen Guangcheng flee to the United States two years ago and has banned books by eight writers in an escalating crackdown on dissent. Continue reading