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China Detains Jilin Activist For Wearing Anti-Xi Jinping T-Shirt


Kwon Pyong is shown wearing T-shirt criticizing Chinese president Xi Jinping, Sept. 30, 2016. Photo courtesy of Kwon Pyong’s Twitter account

Chinese authorities have secretly detained a graduate of a U.S. university who supported human rights and pro-democracy campaigns after he told friends he would wear a T-shirt merging the name of President Xi Jinping with Hitler’s. Continue reading

China Reissues Charges Against Citizen Journalist

Wang Jing

Chinese citizen journalist Wang Jing (2nd from R) denies charges that she posted reports about petitioners on the Sichuan-based rights website Tianwang and other sites, which caused a ‘serious disruption to public order.’ Photo courtesy of Tianwang

Authorities in the northeastern Chinese province of Jilin have indicted a citizen journalist who reported on the self-immolation of a petitioner on Beijing’s Tiananmen Square for “picking quarrels and stirring up trouble,” paving the way for a second trial at a district court, her lawyer said. Continue reading