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Louise Leger: The Tank Man

The students stood at Tiananmen Square
That’s where they went to fight for public gain
The government said they must get out of there
The people stood their ground and so were slain Continue reading

‘Tank Man’ Googled in China as Hackers Bypass Censors

By Bloomberg News Jun 12, 2014 7:44 AM ET
China’s Internet users can access censored content, including references to the Tiananmen Square crackdown, after online activists created a website duplicating Google Inc. (GOOGL)’s restricted portal. Continue reading

Bei Ming: I am the Tank Man /Wang Weilin


A Dirge of June 4th, 1989, Chapter 6:

 I am the Tank Man /Wang Weilin


Bei Ming


Translation:Göran Malmqvist,  Anzhi  Lai


1989年春夏之交,数名西方记者分别從北京飯店高层摄下了一個震撼世界的場景,多年以後,這一場景仍然震撼西方神經。那是1989年6月4日,清晨始,军队血洗木樨地后,控制了天安门广场, Continue reading