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Tienchi Martin-Liao: Yu Jie and the Leviathan State


Author Yu Jie. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Chinese writer-in-exile Yu Jie attempts to reconcile his past life in China and his present life in the United States.

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A Chilling Effect As Hong Kong’s Missing Bookseller Cases Go Unresolved

Customers browse books on Chinese politics by Mighty Current

Customers browse books on Chinese politics by Mighty Current, the publisher that has seen five of its booksellers disappear, at a stall set up by political activists in Hong Kong on Feb. 5. Anthony Wallace/AFP/Getty Images

Five Hong Kong booksellers disappeared and later turned up in police custody on mainland China, and nearly two months later, Chinese authorities have yet to explain how they got there. Continue reading

Book on Chinese president pulled as fears grow for missing Hong Kong publishers

US-based writer Yu Jie says publication of Xi Jinping’s Nightmare was halted as the industry ‘wants to stay out of trouble’ after five booksellers have vanished

Yu Jie

Chinese dissident author Yu Jie. Photograph: Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

The author of a book which criticises Chinese president Xi Jinping has said its publication has been suspended in Hong Kong, because its publisher was fearful of the “huge consequences” of its release, following the mysterious disappearance of five of the city’s publishers in recent months. Continue reading