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Beijing Bastard: Into the Wilds of a Changing China by Val Wang

9781592408207reviewed by Melanie Ho
18 December 2014 — American Val Wang goes “into the wilds of a changing China” in Beijing Bastard, Continue reading

The Global Lawyer: The Rule of Law with Chinese Characteristics

Michael D. Goldhaber, The Litigation Daily

October 31, 2014

Gao-Zhisheng-GoldhaberGao Zhisheng in The American Lawyer, November 2005.

In November 2005, The American Lawyer ran a full-page photo of the Continue reading

Studying in China during the Cultural Revolution

All this led to the emergence of a the Criticize Lin Criticize Confucius (Pi Lin Pi Kong) campaign, a campaign against a Communist general Continue reading

Searching for Elder Sister Kou Yanding

kou_yan_dingPosted on December 10, 2014 by auravoicesforhumanrights

Kou Yanding was taken away by police in Beijing on October 10th for “picking quarrels and provoking disturbances.” Continue reading

Christmas Card Signing event for Political Prisoners in China

Welcome to organize your own campaign to send out greeting cards to the prisoners using these address labels (30 addresses/page, Continue reading

A letter to my husband Guo Yushan: II


Twenty days after the first letter to her husband, detained legal activist and scholar, Guo Yushan, Pan Haixia posted another exquisitely written follow-up letter to him online. Continue reading

China pro-democracy activist Xu Youyu awarded Swedish rights prize

Last Updated: Tuesday, December 16, 2014 – 17:53

Stockholm: Chinese pro-democracy activist Xu Youyu, who was among key signatories of a 2008 manifesto seeking sweeping political reforms in China, was awarded Sweden`s Olof Palme human rights prize on Tuesday. Continue reading

Rountable on the Poetry of Xu Lizhi


When Xu Lizhi committed suicide on September 30, 2014, he left a substantial body of work for his brief 24 years.
Continue reading